Home Depot Light Switch

Model No.:P831S
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Min. Order: 2000PCS
Name: Home Depot Light Switch
Warranty: 10years

Product Details

Home Depot Light Switch

Thank you for concerning our hot selling electrical product Home Depot Light Switch. It is one kind of wall switch in brushed steel. Brushed steel is actually a steel-like appearance made on the surface of stainless steel through a sanding machine and complicated processes. We integrated this material into this model which is very popular in domestic market and oversea market.


Quick details

Model No.:P831SW

Name: Home Depot Light Switch

Rated current: 10AX 250V~

Product size: 86x86cm

Material: PC, Stainless steel, Copper     
Port: Shunde, China or any other port in Shunde
Production Capacity: 10,000,000/Month 
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T 
Min. Order: 2000PCS

IP rating: IP 20

Warranty: 10years

Packaging: 60/carton, 405*290*263mm


High-end temperament shows a unique style

Brushed steel is made of the high quality 304 stainless steel and processed by artisan wire drawing process.

1. Very modern industrial style

2. Create a high-end temperament

3. Mounted on the wall, showing its unique style

4. Make your home more luxurious


Wonderful product features

1. Large clearance design

The national regulations have an electrical clearance of not less than 3 mm, while JUNON Home Depot Light Switch has an electrical capacity of up to    5 mm, further improving the safety.

2. Large overcurrent capability

With large silver-nickel alloy contacts, the current-carrying parts of the switch are covered with silver, which has superior over-current capability and provides complete safety guarantee for users.

3. Large wiring space

Full copper arc U-shaped terminal block ensures simultaneous connection of two 4mm copper wires.

4. Copper terminal block

All copper screw, never rust. More flow capacity and more stable performance.

Home Depot Light Switch

Home Depot Light Switch1


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Home Depot Light Switch2

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We are the trusted factory who producing switch and socket, distribution box ,LED light and so on with more than 36years.To get more details for our Home Depot Light Switch or other products, welcome to contact us directly with below contact numbers.

Ms Hayley: +86-13928248021

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