Black Wall Switch

Model No.:P831SW
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Min. Order: 2000PCS
IP rating: IP 20
Warranty: 10years

Product Details

Black Wall Switch


The more prosperous, the more yearning is simple. Just as Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd, recently launched LJ series borderless switch socket, Black Wall Switch, advocating minimalist aestheticism, become a clear stream in luxury products. It’s the initial heart we are looking for.


Quick details

Model No.:P831SW

Name: Black Wall Switch

Rated current: 10AX 250V~

Product size: 86x86cm

Material: PC, Stainless steel, Copper     
Port: Shunde, China or any other port in Shunde
Production Capacity: 10,000,000/Month 
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T 
Min. Order: 2000PCS

IP rating: IP 20

Warranty: 10years

Packaging: 60/carton, 405*290*263mm

Black wall switch 2

Black wall switch 3 


High-end temperament shows a unique style

Brushed steel is made of the high quality 304 stainless steel and processed by artisan wire drawing process.

1.  Very modern industrial style

2.  Create a high-end temperament

3.  Mounted on the wall, showing its unique style

4.  Make your home more luxurious


Wonderful product features

1. Large clearance design

2. Large overcurrent capability

3. Large wiring space

4. Copper terminal block

Black wall switch 5

Black wall switch 6


Promotion gifts

Black wall switch 7

Our exhibition

Black wall switch 8

After watching the bustling scene, it is also less pleasing to the eye. JUNON Black Wall Switch, deletes cumbersome becomes simple, creates a new realm of exquisite life. This is also the initial heart that everyone is looking for. Welcome to follow us by Facebook: Junon China

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