House Light Switch

Model number: P811L
MOQ: 3000 pcs
Specification: 10AX 250V~
Warranty:10 years

Product Details

House Light Switch

JUNON P series black and white House Light Switch is mainly made of original color injection. The same pure white large panel, distinguish by its small edges. Black and white: the black side is treated with primary color injection molding. Small edge, created its own unique style.


Brief Description

Model number:P811L
Name:House Light Switch
Type: One gang one way switch
Specification:10AX 250V~
Color : White surface with black edge
Dimension : 86*86mm
Shell material : Imported PC fire proof
Inside material:Copper ,Brass
HS code:85365000
IP Rating : IP20
Package:10pcs/inner box , 10boxes/carton, 100pcs/carton

Product Image

House Light Switch (3)


Six Product Advantages

1. The switch adopts large silver contacts, which has strong over-power and low temperature rise.

2. The current-carrying parts of the socket adopt an integrated design, which has strong over-power capability, and eliminates the poor power-conduction caused by riveting. The contact resistance is large, which may lead to fire caused by temperature rise.

3. Adopting arc type U-shaped terminal block, with large wiring space

4. Large clearance design can effectively reduce arcing and prevent fire hazards

5. Wiring screw anti-drop technology, convenient for electrician installation, improve work efficiency

6. The product covers the protective film design. After the decoration, the protective film is torn open. The product is as good as new, giving you a perfect home from the subtlety.


Material Advantages

High quality Bayer PC, high intensity, high brightness

Strong anti-oxidation ability, not easy to embrittle, not easy to yellow

The housing of the switch is made of nylon, which is corrosion-resistant, anti-arc, strong flame retardant and strong in insulation.

The insert sleeve is made of 0.6-0.7mm phosphor bronze, which has good elasticity and long service life.


Company Image

House Light Switch1


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House Light Switch2

House Light Switch3

House Light Switch4

House Light Switch5


Team Work

House Light Switch6


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