Wall WiFi With USB Socket

Product Name: wall wifi with USB socket
Brand Name: JUNON
Place of Origin: China
Payment term: FOB,CIF
Payment condition: TT/LC
MOQ: 3000pcs

Product Details

Wall WiFi with USB socket


Wall wifi with USB socket: A socket that provides WIFI wireless network and USB charger

Product Code: P/9WIFI/USB/D

Series: P series

Product Name: wall wifi with USB socket

Brand Name: JUNON

Specification: 5V 2A

Color: White + Platinum

Product Dimension: 86*86mm

Quick Details

Place of Origin:
Minimum order quantity: 3000pcs
Delivery time: 30-45days
Quality guarantee period: 3 years
Payment term:FOB, CIF
Payment condition: TT / LC
Packaging: 10 pieces/box , 10 boxes/carton
Port: Leliu, Shunde, China

P series wall WIFI with USB charger socket, wireless router, Wall Outlet Power Outlet internet socket

Product feature:

1. Improved Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home

2. Normal household input, switch size installation

3. Power terminal (AL110-240V ordinary household power supply access)

4. Card-type WAN port access, wired to wireless

5. Use dedicated integrated switching power supply chip, Easy overvoltage and overcurrent protection

6. Works with all wireless broadband routers

7. Easy to install and setup with one-touch WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)


Our product is equivalent to a router:

Wall Wifi with USB socket

Wall Wifi with USB socket1



Suitable for:

Wall Wifi with USB socket2


Hardware connection

1. Home network cable

If the external network is the network cable, you can directly connect the network cable to the router.

2. Home phone line or fiber

If the external network is a telephone line (ADSL) or fiber-optic, it must be converted to the router after the MODEN conversion.


Note: please supply rated power for equipments. If unmatched power is supplied, router may get damaged.


Seven colours for choice:

White, platinum, champagne gold, light gold, brushed steel, black titanium, cherry


Quality Control

Wall Wifi with USB socket1 

Wall Wifi with USB socket2

Wall Wifi with USB socket3


Guangdong JUNON songtian electrical appliance co., ltd. is a company that focuses on brand strategy, pays attention to product quality, and focuses on innovation and development. Excellent quality, dedicated service, stand out in the industry, the domestic and foreign markets go hand in hand, insist on using quality to go out and win the trust of customers with strength.


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Enjoy WIFI covering new life in full house.

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