USB Wall Charger Socket

Model number: R9H/13/USB
Name: USB Wall Charger Socket
Type: With BS socket and switch
Color : White
IP Rating : IP20
Dimension : 86*86mm

Product Details

USB Wall Charger Socket

Thanks you for concerning our hot selling product USB Wall Charger socket. Adapter-free charging, keeping your smartphones ,tablets and other electronic devices up and running is essential to staying connected to family ,friends and business. Whether you have one device or many, we have JUNON in-wall USB charger that is right for you.


Product Details

Model number:R9H/13/USB
Name:USB Wall Charger Socket
Type:With BS socket and switch
Specification:Socket:16A 250V~ USB:5VDC 2.1A
Color :White
Dimension :86*86mm
Shell material :PC fire resistance
Inside material:Copper ,Brass
HS code:8536690
Grounding :Standard Grounding
IP Rating :IP20
Package:10pcs/inner box , 10boxes/carton, 100pcs/carton

Appearance Feature

1. Unique curved design, smooth streamlined trend, touching is more comfortable

2. The panel is rich in color, ability to freely transform combinations, full of creativity

USD Wall Charger Socket


1. Fast charging: The USB socket uses DC power to convert strong electricity into weak current. The socket provides 1000mA current, high current and fast charging.

2. Flexible connection: The tightness of the USB socket is just right, not too loose and not too compact. After 5000 insertion and pull tests, plug and pull strength is guaranteed

3. Easy to use: Inside the USB module of the socket, containing electronic components such as transformers. Convert AC to DC, low voltage output, allows you to charge directly with the data cable, making it quick and easy.

4. Safety: Overcurrent protection helps protect the devices from receiving too much power which can damage them. Internal regulator prevents electronics from overheating.


USB Ratings Specifications 

Rated input voltage:

Rated input frequency:50/60Hz
Output voltage:5V DC±5%
Output current:2A
Output power:10W
Ambient working temperature:

-5℃ to 40 ℃

Tips To Optimize Charging

1. Turning off the device

2. Plugging directly into the USB port

3. Using a short cord. Longer cables take longer to charge

4. Using the cable that came with the device-if that’s not available, use and OEM-grade cord that is approved by the device manufacturer.

USB Wall  Charger Socket1

USB Wall  Charger Socket

It’s important to always choose USB Wall charger socket from a trusted brand like JUNON to ensure electrical safety and functionality. Just contact us freely and enjoy our good quality products and service.

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