USB Charger With Plug

Model No.: A811/9HZ/13/USB
MOQ: 500 pcs
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
Delivery Time: 30 days
Material: PC

Product Details

USB charger with plug


Why choose JUNON?

1) Specialized in Switches & Sockets since 1983.

2) 40,000 square meters industrial park.

3) 1800+ employees, 50+ R&D engineers.

4) Products with CCC certified, CB certified, factory ISO 9001 certified.

5) OEM vendor for many worlds’ top brands.

Contact us if any interest, free samples will be sent under request.


Basic Information:

Model No.


Key word

USB charger with plug



Payment Terms

T/T or L/C

Delivery Time

30 days



USB Output

1A or 2A per port



Number of USB Ports


Overcharge Protection



86*86 mm



Product Pictures:


Which country you can use it?

The socket outlet accepts plugs from all countries including China, Japan, USA, Europe, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, German and more 150 countries.

But cannot be used in their country: South African, India, Swiss and Italy. Please pay attention to avoid any inconvenience.

USB charger with plug 1

USB Charger with Plug CAUTION:

NOT a power converter. Please DO NOT use on high power appliances like hairdryers, flattening, curling irons, etc. Input 110 to 265V (660W max. at 110Vac. 1380W max. at 230Vac), output: 5VDC

Each port can reach up to 2A/5VDC on a standalone charge
Does not support fast charge technology
Protects from overcharging or overheating
Tamper-resistant outlet complies with 2017 NEC, Article 406.12
125VAC, 20A receptacle; clamp-down back wiring


JUNON in addition to producing USB Charger with Plug; JUNON Company also has full range of switch & socket with different standard. With more than 10 series options you can choose, there should be one range can meet your need. Please contact us for more.

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