Year End Inventory Of JUNON Switch In 2019

- Dec 03, 2019-

In order to further verify the quantity of our JUNON Switch’s existing inventory of finished products, semi-finished products, raw materials, etc., and ensure that the registration account is consistent with the inventory data. According to the instructions of the company's leaders, the operation management department organized relevant personnel to complete the end of 2019.

switch stock taking 1

This time, a joint inventory team composed of 67 members from multiple departments of Leliu head office and Jun'an branch has carried out a comprehensive inventory check of the goods in the warehouse. The inventory personnel are divided into 19 groups to check the goods in the finished product warehouse, such as the switches and sockets, distribution box, LED lights, MCB and ELCB , etc. This inventory is conducted by Chen Xiaoping, the factory director of the company, Luo Xiaochun, the warehouse manager and other personnel on site. The financial personnel such as Lin Yiying, the financial director, supervise the inventory in real time, and the inventory personnel confirm the real data of each warehouse.

switch stock taking 2

With the joint efforts of all of you, the inventory work of JUNON Switch in 2019 has been completed successfully.