What Are The Specifications When Choosing To Use The Socket?

- Mar 14, 2019-

In order to further standardize indoor wiring, reduce safety hazards and waste of repeated disassembly and assembly, it is very important for the selection of sockets. We must not be sloppy when we wholesale the socket manufacturers.

Before we choose the socket, we need to know more about the materials, wiring, switch socket design, telephone network TV line design and other aspects. In order to prevent children from touching with fingers or metal objects, it is necessary to use a safety socket with a safety cover. In addition, although the switch socket is not as big as the home appliance, it is related to the daily safety of the family, and it is the first line of defense to protect the electrical safety of the home. Therefore, when choosing a switch socket, it must not be sloppy.

The selection specifications of these sockets can't be ignored. I hope everyone can pay more attention to this to ensure the safe use of the socket.

The main switch brands in the market generally use PC materials. PC materials are also called bulletproof rubber. The characteristics of impact resistance, high temperature resistance and non-discoloration are very important for controlling electrical switches. The better front panel and the back base are made of PC material, and the general switch will replace the PC material with black nylon material on the base, so the cost can be reduced a lot.