Wall Switch Socket Installation Layout Strategy

- Mar 19, 2019-

It is often said that the switch sockets are not installed less, or the location is wrong, and some owners mentioned that the product model is wrong. We know that once the switch socket is installed, it is very difficult to make changes later. The most important thing is to plan the renovation in the early stage. Then we need to understand our needs, and we must combine the home appliances and furniture layout.

First, the planning focus: consider three major aspects

When the home switch socket planning determines the number of installations and the installation location, it can be considered in three aspects. The first is to consider the function of each space of the house, to determine the function of each space, such as bedroom, study, living room, audio-visual room and so on. Second, consider the placement and approximate size of major electrical appliances and furniture, such as cabinets, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. The third is to consider the family's living habits and needs, such as the installation of a smart toilet, the switch position should be set at the toilet.

Second, the number of planning switch sockets

The number of electrical appliances in each home is different, and the number of natural switch sockets is not likely to be the same. To determine the number of switch sockets that the home needs, you can determine the three factors mentioned above. Specifically, it is possible to list all the appliances and the like that will be used in each space, and then determine the number of switch sockets.

Third, plan the switch socket installation location

Once you have determined the number of switch sockets, you are sure to install them. The location of the switch socket usually needs to consider the location and size of the electrical appliances and furniture, as well as the living habits of the family. The position of the switch socket has certain specifications to follow, but it still needs specific decisions.