Urgent Notice: About The Activation Of Customs Clearance Of SONCAP Certificate In Nigeria

- Nov 27, 2019-

According to Nigerian officials, since the system update of son (Nigerian Bureau of standards) started on November 12, 2019, the operation process of SONCAP has been changed. What is that and does it have a great impact on our switches and sockets export business? Let’s see the details.

Before that, the SONCAP certificate can be used immediately after activation. From November 12, 2019, it must be approved by the son officer of Nigeria Bureau of standards after activation before use.

On November 12, 2019, the Nigerian Bureau of standards son changed the certificate activation system:

The original SONCAP (including PC), after activation, needs to be approved by the Nigerian son Department official, and then uploaded to the Nigerian bank, customs and other departments by the son Department official before normal use!

To avoid that the container can not use SONCAP in time after arriving at the port, affect customs clearance and cause unnecessary losses, please get the original SONCAP and activate it on the same day!!

After the system is updated, the certificate changes as follows


Nigeria new rules 1


An important change of the new system update! The certificate can show whether the shipment has been inspected. The sub certificate of the inspected goods will show I001, and the sub certificate of the inspected goods will show N001

At present, Nigeria has the following problems in customs clearance:

First, Nigeria's efficiency is low due to the lack of prior notice from the Nigerian Bureau of standards and the lack of time for domestic certification authorities to familiarize themselves with the new system. At present, a large number of SONCAP are not in normal use, resulting in the failure of the previous customs clearance procedures.

Second, due to the congestion of Nigeria's terminals, the delay time of container towing continues to increase (some containers have been towed for two weeks), and the cost of trailer continues to rise, which may continue or even worsen to the end of the Chinese New Year.

Thirdly, at present, the customs of Cotonou in Benin continues to be closed. In addition to the large amount of new domestic goods transferred to Nigeria, the goods previously overstocked in Cotonou in Benin are also re-exported to Nigeria in large quantities, and the port pressure is further increased.

So for this new rules, when JUNON export our switches and sockets, or distribution box or LED lights to Nigeria, must need to make everything clear in advance, and confirm with our customer then we can arrange to export our goods.