JUNON Switch In GOOGLE Foshan Live Show

- Sep 17, 2019-

There will be various unexpected challenges in the process of going to sea. How can we seize the opportunity in the competition, gain insight into the market, and gain accurate customers?

On the afternoon of September 16, JUNON Switch sent two sales people participated in GOOGLE's plan to go to sea to launch a special event in Foshan for foreign trade and sea enterprises. Through GOOGLE lecturers, industry bigwigs and corporate round tables, JUNON shared the latest market insights and focused on exploring growth opportunities; Analyze the search engine mechanism and explain the high-quality independent station genes; In-depth GOOGLE actual combat, explore accurate guest secrets.


Live Show content:

1. World manager opening: business environment, breaking the game

2. Meet the challenge, foreign trade enterprises break the way to attack: foreign trade experience sharing

3. GOOGLE official play secret: How to build an excellent independent station and efficient drainage

4. Cross-border trade, how we go out, into: round table dialogue: special guests and representatives of export enterprises dialogue and share


Lecturer's introduction:

BEN Zhuzibin, pen name Uncle Ben, graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and once worked for four well-known foreign companies(including 3M, Ouyuhang, and Li Yuyi are among the world's top 500 companies). Prior to starting the business, he served as the procurement director of Ouyuhang's Asia Pacific region and was responsible for Asia Pacific procurement strategy and strategic cooperation. He has been engaged in procurement and supply chain operations for 15 years.


From this meaningful and interesting live show, JUNON Switch’s sales person get more skills on the google marketing, how to get more customers or orders from google. Hope in a short time, we can see a good feedback from this live show.