The Visiting Of Hong Kong Dealers

- Jun 10, 2019-

The Visiting of Hong Kong Dealers


June 8, 2019, the second day of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the bright sun hanging high, symbolizing the arrival of good luck. Today, we welcome not only the sunny day, but also a group of guests--- JUNON Hong Kong dealers, to visit our switch & socket company.

HK dealers Visiting 1

On the afternoon of the same day, members of the Hong Kong delegation followed the footsteps of the sun and visited the JUNON switch & socket company Headquarters, Leliu Shunde Manufacturing Base.

Production manager Chenxiaoping took members of the Hong Kong dealers to visit the high-speed stamping workshop and gave a detailed description of the parts produced in the workshop. He also allowed visitors to have close contact with the "fresh" parts. Intuitively feel the quality of JUNON products.

HK dealers visiting 2

Immediately after guiding Hong Kong friends to visit the automated injection molding workshop, they saw the process of automatic injection molding. By the way, they visited the automatic assembly line of the switch & socket. Then the painting and stamping workshops. Through this visit to the workshop, the visiting team members had a more in-depth understanding of the production of switches and sockets. There is also a new understanding of the structure of the switch & socket.

HK dealers visiting 3

HK dealers visiting 4

After observing the production line, Hong Kong friends visited the product showroom of JUNON. The research and development manager Huangyongqiang led the technical team to explain the core technology of the product and jointly discussed and exchanged the development trends of electrical appliances. The scene will also broadcast advertising videos of various products. Let our Hong Kong friends from the visual, auditory and tactile aspects of our products, a comprehensive understanding.

JUNON is hospitable and hosts a banquet for distant Hong Kong friends. The three deputy general managers of the board of directors have dinner with friends of the Hong Kong delegation to make the friendship of the landlords so that Hong Kong friends can taste the characteristics of Shunde Food, very enjoying.

HK dealers visiting 5

Guangdong Junon Songtian Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. congratulates the Hong Kong delegation on its successful visit. We thank the Hong Kong Dealers for choosing our company as a production base for the visit and thank the on-site staff for their assistance. It is a privilege for JUNON company to contribute its power to the National switch & socket business. We are not arrogant and impetuous, we will adhere to the quality, hand in hand to create the future.