The Thailand Tour Of JUNON Core Customers In Hunan

- May 05, 2019-

The Kingdom of Thailand, also call Thailand, is a country in Southeast Asia. It is located in the central part of the Indochina Peninsula in Asia. It is known as the “The country of Thousands of Buddhas” and “Country of Smiles”. It is an ancient civilization with more than 2,000 years of Buddhist history’s country.

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A few days ago, JUNON was lucky enough to fly with Hunan’s core VIP customers from Changsha to enter this elephant country, enjoy the local culture, watch the world-famous demon opera performances, experience the local cultural feelings, and stay at the local five-star hotel in Bangkok, comfortable journey. The interesting arrangement is the purpose of this happy trip.


In addition to enjoying the wonderful performances, we also visited Thailand’s magnificent Grand Palace. The Grand Palace is one of the many royal palaces in Thailand. It is the most perfect, largest and most ethnic palace preserved by the royal palaces of all ages. In addition to ceremonies and activities such as the coronation ceremony and court celebrations, the Grand Palace is usually open to the public and has become a famous tourist destination in Thailand. The court garden is green grass, flowers are full bloom, and the trees are shadowed. JUNON and the core customers in this photo, record this perfect moment.

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Thailand is a Buddhist country. Most Thais believe in the four-faced Buddha, and the Jade Buddha Temple is a special attraction. How can we lack it?

Come to the Jade Buddha Temple and be amazed by the spectacular architecture. Outside each building are Buddha statues of various shapes, allowing visitors to feel the dignity of Buddhism and the local culture of Thailand.

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After a few days of fun in Thailand, we visited a number of famous attractions, Thai specialties and tropical fruit orchards. We tasted a lot of sweet and delicious tropical fruits. Fresh juicy fruits and hot weather are perfect match. Solve heat and quench thirst.


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After tasting fresh fruit, how can you miss the Southeast Asian cuisine? With a wide variety of seafood on the Thai coast, JUNON enjoyed a rich seafood feast with the core customers in Hunan. There are also special snacks, delicious dishes and beautiful scenery.

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The happy time is always short, and the casual six-day and five-night trip to Bangkok’s Pattaya also ended. After many days of getting along, Hunan’s core customers have learned more deeply. From the initial encounter with each other to the final encounter, Hunan’s core customers have found that JUNON is trustworthy brand, Whether it is quality and brand strength and future development potential is also incalculable.

Thank you  for this meeting, let us understand each other more, trust each other , like family. Welcome to the JUNON family!


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