The Only Survivor Of The Fire—JUNON Switch!

- Jun 04, 2019-

The only survivor of the fire—JUNON switch!

In the early morning, JUNON switch factory's management wechat group chatted about a message, as shown in the figure below:

fireproof switch


The electricians are discussing about JUNON switch is the only survivor in a fire~ as said one of the cusomer's house is burned out, but after clean up, JUNON switch is still working, that is really surprised them.

Of course ! JUNON switch is using the bulletproof PC material for all of the plastic part of the switch, then how come the PC material is so powerful?  Let's tell you now !

PC material

Features of PC Materials

High strength, good anti-stamping, anti-aging ability, clean and delicate surface, anti-ultraviolet radiation, not easy to fade, high temperature. In an environment of 100 degrees Celsius, it will not deform within 60 minutes, the ignition point is above 850 degrees, and it will automatically extinguish within 30 seconds after leaving the external source of fire.

That is why finally JUNON switch can be survived! And then now you should believe that, SAFETY HOUSE NEED JUNON SWITCH & SOCKET !