The 127th Canton Fair Held Online Exhibitors' Video Training Sessions

- May 16, 2020-

In order to help enterprises to better carry out the preparations for the online exhibition of the 127th Canton Fair, especially to upload the information of exhibits with high quality, the foreign trade center held the video training meeting for the online exhibitors of the 127th Canton Fair on May 15. JUNON Switch as one of the exhibitors, surely not miss this good chance.

127th canton fair video training 1

The main contents of this training meeting are divided into three parts: first, it introduces the overall functions of the online platform of the 127th Canton Fair; second, it demonstrates in detail the operation process of exhibitor's exhibit information upload; third, it introduces the live broadcast room, supply and purchase docking function that will be online soon.

The training attracted more than 60000 audiences to attend the meeting online, with active atmosphere and good results. At the end of May, with the completion of the official website platform of the Canton Fair, another video training will be held to introduce the whole process of online exhibition for all exhibitors.


JUNON Switch believe that, this new style Canton Fair is a good change and good chance for good companies such as JUNON Switch to show customers more by online way.