Staff Cooking Competition

- Jun 19, 2019-

Staff Cooking Competition

Sunday, June 16, 2019, coincided with Father's Day, the 2019 Corporate Staff Cooking Competition organized by the Leliu Street Office was successfully held. JUNON switch and socket  Company also sent 5 representatives to participate in the event.

cooking competition 2

With the arrival of 11:30, the game began in a tense atmosphere. The contestants cooked all kinds of dishes in full swing. It was really the "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea" and all kinds of cooking ways you can see there. Each process is proficient in the old road. The players have carefully selected materials and exquisite designs for each dish. Some pay attention to "packaging", some pay attention to the fire, and some pay attention to the taste. Each dish style strives for "color, fragrance, taste, and shape", All.

cooking competition 3

cooking competition 4

Finally, the judges scored each of the five participating dishes based on the knife, perception, texture, taste, and nutrition of the finished dishes. In the end, the judges have chosen No. 1 one people, No.2 three people, No.3 five people. The rest 8 of the players participated in the award. Our players won the second place. The game ended in laughter.

cooking competition 1

In addition to its commitment to the development of the company, JUNON switch and socket company is also always concerned about the lives of employees. It usually actively participates in various employee activities organized by the government, which has invigorated and enriched the lives of employees and strengthened the cohesion of employees. It also shows the other side of employees 'work, they are not a good maker of switch & socket, also a good chef.