Shunde Organizes Enterprises To Participate In Brazil And Economic And Trade Activities

- Aug 09, 2019-

Shunde Companies travels all over the world

This time

They went to Brazil.

From July 30 to August 2, the Shunde District Economic Promotion(CCPIT SHUNDE) Bureau organized about 25 corporate representatives(including one of our competitors of the switch and socket manufacturers ) to participate in the International Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Expo in São Paulo, Brazil and the Shunde Pan-household Brazil Symposium.

By organizing business participation and holding economic and trade exchanges, we will set up a platform for practical cooperation between Shunde enterprises and Brazil.
8 Shunde companies including one switch and socket supplier, debut China Brand Commodities(Latin America) Exhibition.

Latin Marketing 1

In order to help Shunde enterprises explore the Latin American market and increase the export of brand products from various industries, the Bureau of Economic Affairs organized eight enterprises in the home appliances industry to participate in the largest and most professional Brazil International Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Expo(ES) in Latin America. In the same period, the Ministry of Commerce held the "China Brand Commodity(Latin America) Exhibition" in the form of "Exhibition in China".

Corporate delegation to China merchandise(Latin America) brand show.

Latin Marketing 2

The Regional Economic Promotion Bureau and the representative office of Guangdong Province in Brazil jointly organized the Shunde Pan-household Brazil Symposium. A total of 40 business representatives from both sides participated in the meeting.

Latin Marketing 3 

Through exchanges and exchanges, the enterprises of the two sides have an in-depth understanding of the needs of the two sides and actively seek ways to cooperate. We believe that this kind of activities will help kind of our switch and socket factories explore more business in Latin American Market!