Sharing Of Successful Experiences

- Jul 12, 2019-

Sharing of successful experiences


In the afternoon of July 11th, Alibaba hold a meeting of a successful experience sharing in Century Hotel of Shunde Daliang. JUNON as one of the Gold Supplier in Alibaba which supply switch & socket, distribution box, LED lights, surely attend this meaningful meeting, to learn more and improve ourselves.

alibaba meeting 1

For this meeting, they invited Zenghui , who started his own business after the age of 90, made his own way in the field of foreign trade to share his experience. Zenghui is good at team fission, platform fission, product fission layout and operation.

The foreign trade team has grown from 0 to 15 people a year and has 6 Alibaba international platforms.

In the first year, it exceeded 10 million sales, 90 % of orders came from Alibaba, the conversion rate of inquiries was as high as 80 %, and the monthly customer turnover was 50 +, locking in high-margin goods. At the same time, a completed talent recruitment and retention system has also been established.

alibaba meeting 2

This sharing meeting is mainly to share with us the below:

A new start to the world, catch the new track of foreign trade, new opportunities.

How does the enterprise live in the present, builds the enterprise core competitiveness.

How does the enterprise take advantage of Alibaba new track, break through foreign trade performance, go out of their foreign trade mode!

How the enterprise educates the person to keep a person, better builds the foreign trade iron army team all the time, the fission type team!

I believe that JUNON staff should learnt much in this meeting and should know how to improve our own Alibaba shop, and hope we can get more orders of our switch & sockets, distribution box and LED products.


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