Seven Major Safety Hazards Common To Wall Switch Sockets In Use

- Mar 16, 2019-

Using a household appliance to start with a power source, using a wall switch, connecting the outlet is the first step we have to start. Every day we come into contact with wall switches, switch sockets, and it may be easy to ignore them for safe use. According to relevant data, the proportion of fires caused by fires in switch sockets is very large. Therefore, this article focuses on the seven major safety hazards commonly encountered in the use of wall switch sockets, as follows:

1. The switch socket is pressed by flammable materials or the dust falls into the short circuit, or installed in a flammable and explosive dangerous place. When a plug is inserted or unplugged, a spark is generated to cause an explosion and fire;

Second, the plug is not damaged in time, and the bare wire is used instead of the plug, causing a short circuit or spark, causing the combustible to catch fire;

Third, some bedside switches are placed after use, and the switch hits the bed frame or the wall to damage the outer insulation layer, which may cause a short circuit;

4. The working voltage and working current of the lamp holder do not match the power of the socket used. It is overloaded for a long time, and if the temperature is too high, it will cause a fire.

5. The switch is improperly installed, especially if the switch is placed on the flammable object. Once the sheath at the lead wire is scratched, the core will be exposed or the water vapor will infiltrate, causing a short circuit, or an arc will cause a fire when the switch is disconnected. ;

6. The switchboard is not placed in the junction box. When the fuse is blown, hot metal particles will splash, causing the combustibles to burn underneath;

7. The flammable gas used in the home leaks due to the leakage of pipes or valves. When the combustible gas is mixed with the air and reaches a certain limit, the electrical switch that does not eliminate the arc device when opening or closing will generate sparks, causing fire or explosion.

After reading the above-mentioned safety hazards in the safe use of wall switch sockets, you can compare the actual situation of the switches and sockets in your home. Go home and do some maintenance on the switch socket used in your home.