Self-pickup Hive Box Has Been Installed In JUNON Switch Factory

- Jun 18, 2019-

Self-pickup Hive Box Has Been Installed in JUNON Switch Factory

In order to facilitate the management of the guard room for express delivery, JUNON switch & socket company has already installed the HIVE BOX for self-pickup and drop-off service outside the factory area. Therefore, from now on, all express delivery (private express delivery and office express delivery) will be sent to the delivery cabinet in front of the company.

express box

Extract time:

1. On-line personnel: No going out to pick up parts during working hours, and items can be obtained during working hours;

2. Office staff: No going out during work hours to pick up pieces, lunch break or off hours to take pieces;

Special Express:

1. Office, production related emergency express delivery, can be registered at the guard office after the collection;

2. Express delivery that is too large or can not be deposited in the express delivery cabinet is still in the guard room;

Express cabinet can facilitate express delivery in time to improve efficiency also convenient recipients.

express box 2

JUNON switch & socket company's move reflects its concern for employees, facilitating their lives and giving them a sense of belonging. It is also one of the demonstration of the company culture.

Enterprise culture of JUNON switch and socket factory:

Target: To create first-rate brand and establish outstanding enterprise

Purpose: To manufacture the safest and most practical electric products in China

Spirit: innovative , devoted and personnel-oriented

Team-work spirit: To develop the high value of enterprise is need to serious ,efficience, and harmonious staffs.

Creative spirit: To fasten the continued developing of enterprise is by steady innovation which is the most important competitive force.

Dedication spirit: The culture of enterprise can't develop without all staffs.

Professional spirit: "Faith can move mountains" All the staffs make better products with true heart.