Select The Switch Socket First To Determine Your Use

- Mar 03, 2019-

The choice of switch socket must first determine its own use, whether it is for home use or other purposes. The requirements and specifications of switch sockets used in different household appliances are different. Once you have defined your purpose, you need to understand the quality of the product. Choosing the quality of the switch socket is the most concerned. The following are common and practical judgment techniques:

1, look at the brand, everyone is familiar with the switch socket brand is generally able to stand the test, but also everyone recognizes, it is very important to confirm the brand when choosing. Kun Niu is a switch socket that has always been a brand that everyone can trust.

2, look at the packaging, the handwriting on the switch socket and some labels will be very clear, you need to carefully identify when you choose. Kun Niu uses laser anti-counterfeit label coding technology, high definition and anti-friction.

3, test the feeling, good switch socket material requirements are relatively high, the design is more sophisticated. It will be more textured when you take it on your hand. And the switch is smooth and smooth, and the sound is crisp. The plug is easy to plug and unplug and the plug is inserted securely.

4, look at the material, the metal parts inside the good switch socket are generally thick and durable, the outer insulation material is more resistant to high temperatures. Kunniu uses Bayer's imported high-quality PC material, which is fully flame-retardant and prevents fading and cracking. In addition, tin-phosphor bronze nickel plating technology is highly conductive and durable.

5, look at safety, a good switch socket is to ensure the safety of electricity, when choosing, you need to pay attention to whether there is a corresponding safety design. Kunniu's new child protection door can effectively prevent children from electric shock accidents.