Safety Design Of Electrical Switches And Sockets

- Mar 08, 2019-

Whether the switch socket is safe or not, this has a lot to do with the way the internal wires are connected. The most advanced connection method is the quick-connect terminal structure. This type of structure connection is simple, only the wire is inserted into the terminal part, the connection is completed, but the wiring state is even and firm and firm, even if a bowling ball is hanged, the connection will not fall off. The live part is not exposed, so there is no danger of electric shock during construction. The protective door device is also an embodiment of the safety of the switch socket design.

In life, young children often use their fingers or other items to reach into the socket because of their naughtiness and curiosity, resulting in many casualties. To this end, two automatic sliders are installed in the socket jack, and only when the plug is inserted, the slider slides to both sides to expose the jack; when the plug is pulled out, the slider closes and blocks the jack, thereby avoiding the above The accident occurred. There is also a switch socket specially designed for kitchen and bathroom. A splash-proof water box or plastic baffle is installed on the panel to effectively prevent oil and water vapor from invading, prolong the service life and prevent short circuit caused by moisture.

In addition, the outer casing material of the switch socket should be made of urea resin with excellent electrical properties, which is characterized by being strong and non-combustible and not deformed by heat. The pressure at the switch node is very high. Generally, the material will melt due to sparking when it is opened and closed, resulting in an accident. Therefore, the ideal material for the switch contact should be silver-lithium alloy. It can be seen that the appearance of the switch socket product can be counterfeited, but the internal material and structure are the key to distinguishing the high, which is the difference between the brand product and other common products.