Position Planning Of The Socket

- Mar 20, 2019-

The installation location of the socket is relatively more complicated than the switch. The placement and size of the appliances and furniture have a significant impact on the mounting position of the socket. The installation of the sockets in different situations listed in the above table can be used by the owners.

Other planning needs

When considering the installation of the switch socket, it is better to consider the details, because if the planning and installation is reasonable, it will bring great convenience to the future life. In addition to considering the quantity and location, it is best to consider the following points.

1, part of the location to consider the installation of dual control switch

For the upper and lower floors of the stairs, the bedroom door and the bed are two places, on the two sides of the larger living room, it is very convenient to use the dual control switch. For example, the bedroom door and the bedside are respectively provided with switches, which can conveniently control the indoor lighting when entering the door and sleeping.

2, some electrical outlets with switch

Almost all household appliances have standby power consumption, and some sockets with switches can be used, so that the plug can be cut off and the power can be cut off, and the unplugged wires are not affected by the hanging. For example, you can consider using a switch socket on the kitchen counter to avoid frequent plugging and unplugging of electric appliances such as rice cookers and electric kettles.

3, part of the area switch socket with a splash cover

Switch sockets should generally not be installed too close to water. If you are in an open balcony, close to the sink, wet area of the bathroom, etc., remember to use a special splash cover for the switch socket.

4, appropriate advance consideration of long-term needs

When determining the number and location of switch sockets, you should be advancing appropriately to consider long-term needs. If the shoe cabinet may need to be installed in the shoe, the toilet may be replaced with a smart toilet in the future. Therefore, as far as possible, considering all the places where switch sockets are needed now and in the near future, a spare socket can be set. In addition, if you are going to have children, the sockets in your home are best equipped with protective devices.

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