Port Umm Qasr Of Iraq Closed!

- Nov 07, 2019-

Attention, friends! A wave of protests broke out in many parts of Iraq. Road blockade, port closure, ship company shutdown! JUNON switch company has some customers in Iraq and also just shipped some containers of switches and sockets to UMM port, this is really bad news for us.


Iraqi protests have continued for a month since October 1, with waves of protests across the country. French 24-hour television reported on October 31, as of the day, protesters have occupied the Iraqi capital Tahrir Square for eight days. More protesters are gathering in Baghdad's Tahrir Square than ever before. Although the Iraqi government is aware that this protest was caused by severe people's livelihood issues, it also proposed a series of reform plans. However, due to the differences and even selfishness of Iraqi political forces, the reforms could not be landed and the anger of the people could not be subsided for a long time. In the complex international environment in the Middle East, Iraq's people's livelihood problems may not be solved with a simple livelihood reform plan.

In addition to the capital, Baghdad, the largest recent protests have also appeared in the southern Iraqi port city of Basra, including the port of Umm Qasr and the southern Iraqi city of Diwaniyah. Protesters blocked the entrance to the port of Umm Qasr for the first time on Tuesday. The port has been operating at a complete standstill since last Wednesday. On 2 November, thousands of protesters blocked all roads leading to Umm Qasr, the main port in the Gulf region of Iraq, and security forces used live ammunition and tear gas overnight, security sources said. Umm Qasr received large quantities of grain, vegetable oil and sugar imported by Iraq, which were needed by the country, which was heavily dependent on imported food. Iraqi oil exports come mainly from nearby offshore platforms, which have not been affected.


Port Umm Qasr

Truck loads are prohibited from entering and leaving the port. Port officials say some international shipping companies have ceased operations because of the closure of the port. November 4 Shipping company UAE Shipping has issued a notice: Iraq-Port status update

According to the latest information from our office in Iraq, protests and demonstrations are taking place in many Iraqi cities. As a result, access to the port has been blocked and port operations have been suspended since 25 October 2019.

The continued closure of ports has affected the operation of ships; All operations, including unloading and loading of containers, as well as collection and clearance of containers from the port, will be delayed. The shipping schedule of feeder routes to and from transit ports has also been affected.


JUNON contacted their customers to see what we can do for our containers of the goods of switches and sockets, our customers said they can only wait till the port open, then can release the goods… so hope this protests can be stopped asap and not affect the UMM port’s containers anymore.