Plug And Socket May Wish To Implement Unified Standard Production

- Mar 13, 2019-

The plug and socket switch is a wide range of power supply units and a must-have for every family. Although the plug and socket switch is small, it is directly related to the safety of electricity, which is related to people's life and property safety. However, according to the industrial and commercial, quality supervision and other departments on the market plug-and-socket, lighting switch products for quality sampling, special quality supervision and inspection, currently in China's household appliances and hardware power market, unqualified plugs and sockets Switches are everywhere, and the situation is not optimistic. According to the "China Fire Yearbook" and other relevant information, the annual electrical fires in China accounted for more than 30% of the total number of fires in the year, of which a large proportion due to poor quality switches, sockets and plugs.

It has been widely believed that the switch can be opened and closed, and the socket can be powered on. It is not necessary to spend more money on it. For example, a high-powered air conditioner or electric heater has a current of more than ten amps, but you can buy a 3-5 amp socket. In this way, the plug and socket are hot and fire-proof, and the probability of fire is suddenly increased. There are also some families who like to use universal sockets, no matter what electrical plugs are plugged in. It should be noted that although the universal socket is convenient to use, since the electrical gap of the socket is small, after the plurality of plugs are plugged in, the electric appliance is easily burnt due to a short circuit of the electric circuit, thereby causing a fire.

It can be seen that although the switch socket is a small electrical appliance, it is also a big factor that threatens the safety of people's lives and property. Therefore, the author recommends the implementation of national unified standard production of plug and socket switches. First, in accordance with the international practice, legislation on the production of plug and socket switches, the development of national uniform specifications and strict standards.