P4P Operation & Directional Promotion New Operation Training

- Jul 22, 2019-

"P4P operation & directional promotion new operation " training


On July 19th, Alibaba training was organized by Guangzhou Leader Information Technology Co., Ltd. in Longjiang Town, the topic is "P4P operation & Directional promotion new operation". JUNON as one of the gold supplier of switch & socket, we attend this training to make our ali shop works better.   

P4P operation & direction promotion new operation training1


Yang Haoyi, E-commerce senior operator of Leader Company, mainly introduced the new upgrade and operating techniques of the through train, and the rules and operation of Directional promotion. Tell you how to carry out the operation of Alibaba International Station, the background operation of the international station, product release and so on.

P4P operation & direction promotion new operation training2


P4P is a foreign trade through train. It is a network promotion method of Alibaba member company who sets up multi-dimensional keywords by self-help, displays product information for free, and attracts potential buyers through a large number of exposure product, and according to pay-per-click.


P4P full name "Proactive network Provider Participation for P2P", an upgraded version of P2P technology, intended to enhance communication between service providers (ISP) and client programs, reduce backbone network transmission pressure and operating costs, and improve the performance of improved P2P file transfer.


This training gave us many ideas of how to improve our shops and let more buyer can visit our shops and send us inquiry. This will help us to sell more of switch & socket, distribution box and other products, and get more orders from Alibaba.