Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Forum For Foreign Trade Enterprises

- Mar 31, 2020-

The dawn of fighting against the new crown epidemic in China has come, and the resumption of work and production of enterprises is gradually on the right track (JUNON Switch has also been fully resumed on March 5), but the epidemic situation is spreading overseas. Europe and the United States have become the "epicenter", and the external market environment has changed dramatically!

COVID-19 meeting  1

At this crucial moment, novel coronavirus pneumonia, Shunde and Ronggui agricultural science and Technology Bureau and other units of Shunde district were jointly promoted by the Bureau of Taxation Bureau, safe and Ronggui, and other departments. The departments and agencies were anxious and eager to start the plan, and arranged for a short two days. In the afternoon of March 30th, the Ronggui Foreign Affairs Office held a forum on foreign trade enterprises to deal with the new crown pneumonia epidemic overseas. At the meeting, more than ten key foreign trade enterprises in Shunde District spoke out freely (including JUNON Switch), which not only aimed at the current practical problems, but also had forward-looking suggestions. The meeting was efficient and constructive, which provided a lot of basis for the government to formulate more policies to support enterprises in tax, finance and other aspects.

COVID-19 meeting  2

JUNON Switch thanks the relevant departments of the government for their concern for the enterprises. This year, it will meet the difficulties and contribute to Shunde's economy.