New Version Of A Series Switch & Socket Luanched!

- Jun 11, 2019-

New Version of A Series Switch & Socket Luanched!

A series switch & socket, sales to the market since 1997. After 22 years, a new version launched!

old and new version of A series switch

What's the difference?

1. Innovation of Internal Structures, change the original wiring method, use new Tyla structure increases wiring space. Better wiring, less loose wiring.

2. Integrated design of the cover and the rocker, which is easy for electrician to install and improve working efficiency

3. Current of the switch changed from 10AX to 16AX which make the current to the load is bigger and safer.

4. Integrated Design of the housing and mounting plate also upgraded which is more compressive, less deformable.


These are the differences between the new and old versions of the A series. For more information, you may see the details in Knowledge or contact us directly.


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