New Switch & Socket Promotion

- May 14, 2019-

New switch & socket promotion

Yesterday, JUNON hold a promotion event to promote its new switch & socket in Zhaoqing City.

As a famous brand in Zhaoqing area, JUNON switch and socket already well known by the consumer. In order to satisfy different requirements from the market, JUNON launched a new series switch and socket to meet the needs of the customers.


The event invited the local 60 electrician friends to participate, professional production knowledge explained and combined with the explanation of the scene model, so that the electricians have a deeper understanding of our new switch and socket, have expressed their support for JUNON products as always.

d The atmosphere on the scene is active, and many people are directly placed orders on the scene.

As an expert in switch and socket area, JUNON will continue to innovate and develop to provide consumers with good quality products and good satisfactory services!