Meeting Of Belt And Road

- Jun 15, 2019-

Meeting of "Belt and Road"

On the afternoon of June 14th, the District Economic Promotion Bureau of Shunde held a seminar on the "Belt and Road" enterprise going out(Southeast Asia Special Event) at Shunde Century Hotel.

belt and road meeting 1

JUNON as a member of Export-Import Chamber of Commerce, well-known by its special field of switch & socket, distribution box and LED lights making. As well as our good quality. Also was invited to this meeting.

belt and road meeting 2

In order to effectively know and help enterprises in our region to "go out", improve their ability to operate internationally, and gain a deep understanding of the investment environment and local policies of Southeast Asian countries


In this meeting, related people introduced the below economic zones information:

Mr. Xiangjing-- Comparative Analysis of Southeast Asian Investment and Environment and Suggestions

belt and road meeting 3

Ms.Lixiaojun --  Introduction of the Vietnam Renhui Economic Zone

Mr. ChenChuhong -- Vietnam BWID Park Introduction

Ms. Guoshumei --- Promotion of Huaxia Happiness Park(Indonesian Park)

belt and road meeting 4


JUNON benefited from this meeting and opened up a new idea for expanding the company's sales and future development of our products of switch & socket, distribution box and LED lights!