Marketing Research Of JUNON Switch Factory

- May 25, 2019-

Marketing Research of JUNON Switch Factory

As a well-known company in Guangdong, JUNON, a professional manufacturer for switch&socket, distribution box and LED lights, JUNON pays great attention to brand promotion. The annual cost of advertising also accounts for a certain proportion of the company's promotion costs. Therefore, the company will also launch a series of market surveys and advertising acceptance standards for marketing.

Recently, the marketing department colleagues is going directly to the market to see some agents' shops, to carry out rigorous signboard advertising acceptance.

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As the first impression of consumers, A storefront sign is very important. Therefore, it must strictly follow the company's acceptance standards , ensure that the company's "electrician" Inage can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and allow consumers to pass through to leave an impression on our company VI. In the future, when there is a need to purchase a switch& socket, JUNON will be the first choice in customer’s mind.

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