Market Research In Dubai

- Jul 17, 2019-

Market Research in Dubai

Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Middle East market regional sales representatives arrived in Dubai today for a five-day market study and research work. In order to better understand the local switch socket, distribution box and LED lighting products, quality requirements, sales prices etc., JUNON sales representatives visit different local stores and shops one by one, to introduce our JUNON company and our products to the customers, to let more and more customers know about us.


Our sales representatives today showed to the customers the switch and socket samples, distribution box models and LED products in the stores of Deira market. With our novel design style and excellent quality, we have won the favor of many shop owners. Certainly, they were very interested in purchasing our products as well. They would like to promote our products in Dubai market and even in the Middle East. 

At the same time, our sales representatives learned about the market styles and quality grades of the market during the market inspection process, which brought a lot of useful information to the development of our new products. It is also believed that in the near future, we will have more and more suitable products available to local customers.


In addition to visiting the stores, the sales representative also visited the customer's office building and received warm hospitality from the customers. The customers in Dubai are very warm and courteous. Although they have not established a cooperative relationship with us, we are also very warm and welcome to introduce our company and seek opportunities for cooperation between us.


In the coming few days, we believe that our sales representatives will continue to work hard to bring high-quality products (switch sockets, distribution boxes, LED lights, etc.) to every corner of Dubai.

At last, wish our sales representatives have a successful business trip and get many new orders back!