Live Video Of JUNON Switch Canton Fair

- Jun 26, 2020-

Live video of JUNON Switch Canton Fair


Because of the COVID-19, the 127th Canton Fair met with foreign buyers in the form of live broadcast.The first time we met in this way, not only foreign buyers were curious, but also domestic fans wanted to know the story of the scene.

Today's small make-up to meet everyone's small wish, latent live broadcast room to shoot some gags


Just arrived at the scene, I was immediately attracted by the smell of burnt plastic. It turns out that engineers directly test the flame retardant effect of the product with a lighter. The flame retardant effect of JUNON Switch products is also very good, other brands are in a hurry, JUNON Switch did not burn at all, and it is safe and trustworthy!

the 127th online Canton Fair


In addition to the anchor in front of the screen, there are small assistants who interact with buyers in the background and answer questions one-on-one.

the 127th online Canton Fair2

Although we are new to live broadcasting, we are not willing to be mediocre with professional equipment. In addition to panoramic shots, we also have close-up shots. The SLR, which can be seen clearly in every pore, clearly displays every small part and component, so that the audience in the live broadcasting room is not bored and sleepy. We follow the anchor's ideas to understand the product.

the 127th online Canton Fair 4

The presenters talked too well, and the live product test was also very interesting. I thought the live broadcast was boring,


I didn't expect it. It was great~