Leliu General Chamber Of Commerce Exchange Activities- Visit Fuwa

- Jul 15, 2019-

Leliu General Chamber of Commerce exchange activities- Visit Fuwa


In these days, organized by the Leiliu General Chamber of Commerce enterprise exchange activities is in full swing, this time, organized a visit to Fuwa Group.

Leliu Genernal Chamber of Commerce exchange activities--Visit Fuwa 2

The meeting invited Leliu's 30 major business owners, of course including the boss of JUNON switch & socket company . As a well-known company of Leliu, JUNON's quality has been affirmed in the industry. The meeting was lectured by the honorary president of the Chamber of Commerce Fuwa Group Boss Wu to introduce how companies should get out of the predicament under the severe economic situation.

Leliu Genernal Chamber of Commerce exchange activities--Visit Fuwa  3

The meeting mentioned that if you want to get out of difficulties, you need to study the market, change your business philosophy, create new business channels, and more importantly, adapt to the market and develop new products to occupy the market. Let your product in the market imitability and the same type of low, so increase market share, not just rely on advertising, I hope you have orders to come to you. The market is coming out, not that you can have a business source at home every day.

Leliu Genernal Chamber of Commerce exchange activities--Visit Fuwa 2

The 30 big business owners who attended the meeting also expressed their opinions, learned from each other, and get support from each other. They hoped that Leliu enterprises could do a big job and occupy a seat in their respective fields.

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