Kunming︱LJ Series Switch & Socket Promotion Conference

- Jun 29, 2019-

Kunming︱LJ Series Switch & Socket Promotion Conference

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JUNON information:

On the 28th, the LJ Series Switch & Socket Promotion Conference hosted by Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. was held in Kunming City. The meeting invited the relevant leaders of Kunming Fangtan Company and Kunming dealers, distributors, local plumbers and other 200 people.


Kunming, Yunnan is a place with beautiful scenery and birds and flowers. Today, Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. held the LJ Series New Product Promotion Conference at the Yutai Hotel in Kunming City, Yunnan Province. Ms. Huang Fenglan, Sales Director of Southwestern Region of JUNON Electric, introduced the company's distinctive corporate culture and product information to the distinguished guests, and presented our promotional videos while giving the guests a full understanding of our company and products from the visual, auditory and sensory senses.


Subsequently, Mr. Huang gave a publicity speech and selling point display to Lj Series switch & socket and V20 Multimedia Box. He explained the market advantages and characteristics of the new products in detail, and made the guests at the scene amazed and looked forward to this new product.

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After a series of introductions and demonstrations, Kunming distributors are interested in the LJ series switch & socket of this promotion.


Writer deeply feels the enthusiasm of Kunming friends and the trust of our JUNON brand. From the Q&A session, Kunming distributors and plumbers are familiar with JUNON and all series of products, and can understand the information on branded products from inside to outside, it’s worthy of the sales area of No.1 in Southwest China. The friends of Kunming treat the JUNON products like children, and watch it develop along the way, accompanying it from generation to generation. This shows that the brand of JUNON is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and won the public opinion. Our company is much honored to be loved by the majority of friends.

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Congratulations on this Kunming LJ series switch & socket promotion conference. Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. thanks to the support of Kunming friends, we will not lose your hope, maintain the advantage, go further and develop longer.