JUNON Won The Title Of Quality Brand Demonstration Enterprise

- Jul 13, 2019-

In order to allow the electrician industry to develop more healthily and better, according to the "Leliu Street Implementation Quality Strong Street Strategy 2018-2019 Action Plan", Leliu City Supervision Bureau and the Shunde District Lighting Electrotechnical Association plan to organize leading enterprises in the switch & socket industry and ten furniture representative small and medium-sized enterprises to hold accessories standardization seminars.

quality brand 1

At present, Leliu switch & socket industry is hit by big brands such as bulls. The Leliu switch & socket industry has shrinking market share and declining advantages. It hopes that the government and associations will organize the switch industry to formulate spare parts standards and combine spare parts manufacturers to help companies reduce costs and improve competitiveness.

quality brand 3

Mr.Lu, general manager of JUNON electrical , said that he is very supportive of the government and association organizations to formulate standardization, which is very helpful for the development of Leliu local enterprises. However, there are difficulties in making product features and resource sharing at the enterprise level. The establishment of industry standards should be discussed with various enterprises in the early stages. Figure out a solution.

quality brand 2

Finally, Mr. Wendongxiao awarded the "Quality Brand Demonstration Enterprise" trophy to JUNON switch & socket company, hoping that the company will always put quality in the first place and improve the continuous development of the company.