JUNON Switch Won The Top 20 Snail Credit Companies Of Languang Alating Platform

- Nov 25, 2019-

Good News! On November 22, JUNON Switch was rated as the top 20 snail credit platform of Languang alating platform.

JUNON Switch won the honor  1

Few transaction channels, long process and low efficiency Traditional building materials and real estate industry are facing great challenges. In June 2018, Languang material equipment group, a subsidiary of Languang, built and launched Aladdin, an ecosystem of building materials supply chain management services. It responds to the industry pain, realizes the use as you go model, and puts forward an intelligent solution that fits the industry development. With the update and iteration of the platform, Aladdin will help the building materials industry connect with a stronger force!

Business management is standardized. Based on the market-oriented business operation requirements, Shendeng bidding has established a bidding business process in line with industry standards, provided a standard business management template, and implemented a non reusable bidding process content management. Any non professional person can easily complete a bidding through Shendeng bidding.

The business operation is intelligent. In the business process, the enterprise realizes the online signing and automatic filing of the contract; the batch use of electronic signature can automatically record the process of using the seal and issue the legal appraisal report in the whole process; the bidding situation can be automatically counted; the online cross functional process approval, the establishment of the whole bidding process management mechanism; the permanent record of all bidding actions, etc.

JUNON Switch won the honor  2

This time, JUNON Switch won the top 20 snail credit, which is enough to prove the credit degree of JUNON electric appliance in the industry, and shows that our products such as switches and sockets, distribution boxes are highly praised and trusted by customers in the minds of the majority of consumers. JUNON Switch will, as always, do a good job in quality products to give back to the fans!