JUNON Switch Wish You Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

- Sep 12, 2019-

Dear customer and friends:

mid-autumn day 1

Time flies, The Mid-Autumn Festival, which is an important Chinese traditional Festival that people supposed to celebrate together, is coming soon and we particularly miss you a lot.


I want to thanks to you all hearty. Thank you for your sincere cooperation with JUNON Switch company. Thank you for sending safe switch sockets to tens of millions of users, making JUNON products recognized and accepted by more and more consumers.


Looking back on the past, we have worked hand in hand with all of you, through several ups and downs, relying on sincerity and diligence, the cause of JUNON Switch has made great progress with your strong support.


In the past few years, the most proud and valuable harvest that we have got was we have attracted a group of insightful people and served a large number of enthusiastic customers, who are sincere trust in JUNON products and services, with the help of high-tech content, correct consumption concept. We are extremely grateful and proud to work with you, the excellent sales partners.


Faced with new challenges, we shoulder the responsibility of providing users with safe products and safe home. Dear friends, at such moments, we deeply need your support as always.


Finally JUNON Switch wish you all a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, good health, happy family and successful career!