JUNON Switch Team In Men's Basketball Friendship Invitational Game

- Dec 17, 2019-

In order to better show the vigorous vitality and competitive enthusiasm of enterprise talents in Shunde new era, better promote the integration and development of enterprises in Shunde, and deepen the communication among members, on December 13, 2019 Shunde District men's basketball friendship invitational tournament was held in Daliang main Basketball Hall of Shunde. JUNON switch also sent one team to join this game.

switch factory basketball match 1

The referee's whistle sounded, the players were full of passion and went all out, and a hot basketball game officially kicked off. In the match field, the players' wonderful steals, tacit passing and precise shooting make people overwhelmed and feast their eyes. In the whole game, both sides played equally. In the face of opponents with equal strength, the players never showed weakness and tried their best to express the highest respect for themselves and their opponents.

switch factory basketball match 2 

After two nights of fierce competition, the science and technology innovation team won the championship, and the JUNON Switch team won the winning award.

switch factory basketball match 3

Finally, the 2019 Shunde District men's basketball friendship Invitational competition ended in laughter and laughter. The financial elites made full use of their sweat, with their club members, fully carried forward the spirit of "unity and friendship, fighting bravely", achieved results, played friendship, and created a harmonious and United game for us. JUNON Switch team even not get a place but enjoy it too much !