JUNON Switch Sponsor In 2019 Pearl River Image Ambassador

- Jul 02, 2019-

JUNON Switch sponsor in 2019 Pearl River Image Ambassador

The Pearl River Image Ambassador, a beautiful brand founded by Foshan TV Station, has been a Foshan city cultural business card for 13 years and has an influence throughout the country. The so-called "one side of land and water to breed one side of people", cultural differences in different regions breed different characters of beauty, beauty has become the representative of Foshan this Fangze. JUNON switch & socket company sponsor this big event in 2019.

JUNON switch show

"Zhujiang Image Ambassador" is one of the most influential beautiful events in the Pearl River Delta. In the past 12 years, it has persisted in disseminating Lingnan culture and transmitting public welfare love. It has traveled all over the country and abroad. Beautiful life, like Shuifanghua. Into the thirteenth year of the Pearl River image ambassador, with the theme of "a beautiful new era, striving for a new youth", to create an original large-scale youth inspirational growth variety show activities, by recording the "all-round artist" transformation growth track to show the new era of young people to the spirit of struggle inheritance and development. Through many trials and deep social experience of public welfare, explore the temperature and significance of youth.

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Has a beautiful cultural brand, youthful vitality students, top hosting lineup, luxury star guest Foshan TV's large-scale original inspirational reality show "2019 Zhujiang image ambassador youth growth show" together with JUNON switch & socket company to create a new city, new youth, and new culture in Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District. 

As a local company in Foshan, JUNON Electric Co., Ltd. deeply supports the promotion of Lingnan culture. In order to support cultural undertakings and love charities, JUNON switch & socket sponsored the "2019 Zhujiang Image Ambassador Youth Growth Show" variety show organized by Foshan TV Station. All because of the rich and profound Lingnan culture, it is worth inheriting and lasting. It is very similar to Jun Lang's business philosophy. We should inherit and retain the good things. The bad ones will be transformed and strive for the good. This is the concept we have always believed in, and it is also the feelings of Lingnan children.

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JUNON switches and sockets joined Foshan TV Station to cheer for the "2019 Zhujiang Image Ambassador" and grew up together with you in beautiful events. It spread Lingnan culture to the people of the country and even overseas people, delivered public welfare love, and contributed to environmental protection.