JUNON Switch & Socket’s Employee In Basketball Match

- May 20, 2019-

JUNON Switch & socket’s employee in basketball match

Leiliu Federation of basketball-2019 Sports Festival already opened few days ago.

JUNON switch & socket company in order to enrich employee’s cultural and sports life, enhance teamwork so participate in the competition.

At the night of May 18th, JUNON Switch & Socket company VS Bear Electric CO, Before the match, everyone greeted each other with tribute and shouted the slogan "Friendship first, competition second".

After the start of the match everyone was going and out. It is a grueling match. After one and a half hours, JUNON switch & socket company won the match.

Hope in the next matches, JUNON switch & socket company continue to keep going and win more matches.

Juon switch&socket's employee in basketball match