JUNON Switch & Socket -- Hai Yi Garden Live Show

- Apr 02, 2019-

JUNON -- "Hai Yi Paradise Garden" Series の Switch & Socket live show

It is impossible to know where is the "Paradise Garden"  in the world

But we all have our own Paradise Garden in our dreams


It's like a fairyland

Nature's temple of art

Small Bridges and flowing water outline it

Diffuse mountain flowers add color to it

It is like a magnificent work of art

The real " Paradise Garden " is here


JUNON buyers’show | [second stop] Hai Yi Paradise Garden

Hai Yi Paradise Garden is 800000 ㎡ luxury level city life, the Paradise Garden of Guangzhou and Foshan city. Hai Yi group spent 12 years for this great achievements, 800,000 square meters of villa-level living city, near the commercial plaza, hospital and teaching facilities, sports theme garden, ecological wetland landscape, villa scenery and other supporting at your fingertips.


The villa area front row throne, occupies the prominent position, enjoys the invincible villa view alone, by the railing overlooks, does not have the shelter landscape broad field of vision to have a panoramic view.

Garden shrubs, birdsong flowers, high-rise stands, life entertainment is supporting integration of the living area. Community is around the superior green environment which can give us a feeling of being in the mountains in the illusion, relaxed and happy.


If you look at it, the buildings are surrounded by the morning mist, like a fairyland in the peach blossom land, like a masterpiece full of artistic atmosphere. When you look at the decoration inside the buildings, it looks like the paint on the drawing board. Any color matching can create an ideal picture in people's mind.

The house decoration style of Hai Yi Paradise Garden is just opposite to its name. Instead of classic Chinese decoration, it adopts light luxury European style. This bold contrast design attracts consumers' attention.