JUNON Switch’s VIP Customers In Singapore And Malaysia

- Jul 29, 2019-

JUNON Switch’s VIP Customers in Singapore and Malaysia

JUNON switch company has always attached importance to its relationship with customers and every year, it has introduced a variety of policies to reward customers who perform better.

A few days ago, a group of VIP customers in Hainan can enjoy the prizes brought to them by JUNON. This time the reward program is: Singapore + Malaysia Six Days Tour! SO HAPPY ~!

Let's take a look at their happy trip through the air.

JUNON switch tour 1

First Station: Singapore

It is a multi-racial immigrant country and one of the most international countries in the world. It has the title of "Garden City".

After many years of rapid development, this has become a perfect confluence of the cultural essence of the East and the West bustling metropolis. The clean streets, good security, simple folk customs, and colorful culture and scenery make this green country full of endless charm.

After a few hours of driving, you arrive at Sentosa Island, which is regarded as a bright pearl of Singapore's tourism and entertainment industry. It is a good place for leisure with theme parks, tropical resorts, natural parks and cultural centers!

In Sentosa, Hainan customers enjoy the natural scenery along the way, as well as a wonderful music performance and grand fantasy of electric wonders. We feel the power of science and technology, but also feel the influence of art, the fruit is a full harvest journey. Then, under the guidance of the guide, everyone came to the city square with the new Garbo logo[fishtail lion image] to enjoy the different architectural features of the country. As the sun sets, we take a boat trip to the carat dock to visit the beautiful city of Singapore and see the night. The next morning after breakfast, go to the highest place in Singapore, Huaba Mountain, take a panorama of Singapore, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There is no great pleasure in life. Afterwards, everyone went to the[Parliament Building] and[High Court], which were rich in the architectural characteristics of the British colonial era, to appreciate the customs, customs, culture and art of other countries and let everyone feel the connotation of the international metropolis.

When everyone completed the immigration formalities, the guide took everyone to Malacca on a luxury bus and explained the history and cultural characteristics of Malacca along the way, as well as other non-historical stories about Malacca, so that this journey was not boring.

After you came to Malacca, you visited the "Sambo Temple" built specifically for Jinianzhenghe's visit to Malacca. In addition, according to the tour guide, although the "Sanbaoshan" near here is not high, the terrain is beautiful, and the peaks are undulating. It is the largest Chinese tomb mountain outside China and is a witness to the roots and hard work of Chinese people for centuries. It is also a symbol of the harmony and friendship between the two peoples. After the guide explained, full of patriotic feelings to the heart, deep sigh of the strength and friendliness of the motherland.

Second station: Malaysia

The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day. After breakfast, everyone goes to Malaysia's emerging environmental protection administrative center, also known as Prince City and the Pink Water Mosque. The mosque combines traditional Malay and Muslim styles and is built with a pink dome made of granite on Lake Bucheng. Different architectural styles show the same national customs. Everyone is constantly taking photos to record this strange style.

Finally, he went to the "Genting Plateau", a Malaysian tourist and summer resort. It is located in the middle section of the Jibao Mountains in southwest Pengheng and is the largest plateau summer resort in Southeast Asia. After dinner, you can enjoy a playground in Genting Entertainment City, a food street, Mengdiqialuo Casino, etc.. The nightlife is rich and colorful. The beautiful day ends in a busy journey and looks forward to tomorrow.

Unconsciously, the journey has passed most of the time. The rest of the time can only be cherished. After breakfast, the fourth day of the journey begins. The guide drove to Kuala Lumpur and visited the palace of the head of state of Sudan. It was surrounded by green lawns and was decorated like a castle.

After lunch, head to Kuala Lumpur to visit the Mosque with its unique umbrella architecture and the Twin Towers, one of the iconic city landscapes. If you are a Hollywood movie fan, you are no stranger to the scenes in the movie "stealing the sky trap." Beautiful actress

In the film, Kaisalinlitaqiongsi shot a stimulating picture from the top of the tower. Coming here, it feels like everyone's cell phone and camera shutter have not stopped, because here is too much meaning.

JUNON switch tour 2

The Singapore and Malaysia tour is full of laughter. It appreciates the different customs and customs of China, understands the history of other countries and their own countries, laments the greatness of China, and is also proud of its extraordinary identity. For 36 years of Chinese brand history, JUNON switch company is more confident and more trusting in the quality of local brands. May we join hands to create a light of domestic goods and keep going on this road. Cooperation is our best way. Let us work together for domestic goods and applaud China.