JUNON Switch Organizes Employees To Participate In The National Fitness Walking Program

- Nov 20, 2019-

In order to promote healthy life, happy work and enhance collective cohesion, on the morning of November 17, JUNON Switch staff participated in the 2019 health, happiness and fitness walking activity organized by Agricultural Bank of China, Shunde branch in Shunde Vocational and technical college.

JUNON Switch in Fittness Walking 2

The event was attended by more than 1,700 people. The event is divided into three events, namely the 8-kilometer lightning run, the 4-kilometer walking group and the most competitive team. The lightning run encourages family members to participate in competitions, run together with employees, and compete for speed. The most competitive team is a new item added this year Each of the 13 teams sent 10 people to form 13 teams, along the way through the theme of Education Activities Knowledge Challenge, singing the red song, the challenge of seven cross-relay, through mental and physical competition, the team with the highest score in the final three will win the team award. On the day of the event, relevant leaders made opening speeches for the event. They hoped that everyone would insist on taking physical exercise as a duty, a habit and a consciousness, and practice the code of conduct of home culture with a healthier body and a fuller spirit In order to realize our common ideal of being a family and moving towards a benchmark bank, we contribute our strength. Later, the leaders of the branches came to the stage to hold the opening ceremony, pouring the red powder in their hands on the theme board. When the words "walking in 2019" clearly appeared, the salute sounded and the event officially opened. By noon, the event was over and everyone was happy.

JUNON Switch in Fittness Walking 1

Health is the capital of revolution, JUNON Switch company pays attention to the physical and mental health of its employees. I believe this fitness walk is just the beginning of similar activities.