JUNON Switch On Line Training

- Mar 11, 2020-

JUNON switch on line training


Due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, many offline training activities have been changed to online training. Forenoon, JUNON switch organized foreign trade personnel to take part in a online training course.

JUNON switch on line training  1


The main content of the course is:

How to manage the team efficiently, how to activate customer assets, how to improve inquiry conversion rate, how to obtain more customers, how to use intelligent CRM

 JUNON switch on line training  2

By learning more online for about an hour, we have added some things that we need to pay attention to at ordinary times, and charged for a long time when we can't learn more offline, which still benefits a lot. Hope this kind of online training will help JUNON to know how to sell more and get more orders of the switches and sockets by online still.