JUNON Switch On CCPIT’s Online Training

- Mar 18, 2020-

switch on line training 2The novel coronavirus pneumonia has been in epidemic situation for more than two months. Many factories have gradually returned to work. On the afternoon of 17th March, an online promotion training seminar was arranged by CCPIT Shunde for the factory to face the problems related to the resumption of factory work. JUNON Switch also joined this training. The online training and consultation on the fulfillment of contract, breach of contract, and assistance provided by the factory were provided.

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From 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the online training, Chen, director of the legal department of Beijing Council for the promotion of international trade. Tan, manager of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, and several lawyers were arranged to receive the most recent concerns for 200 business representatives, of course including JUNON Switch’s representative . Relevant personnel have done relevant training in a simple and clear way, so that the enterprise can clearly understand how to solve the relevant problems encountered during the epidemic and give the enterprise a strong shot. Enterprise representatives are appreciating such online training, and hope that similar training can be organized in the future to solve problems for enterprises. We JUNON Switch also hope we will have more chances to attend such kind of training, to know more and prevent more.

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