JUNON Switch Monthly Meeting In August

- Aug 06, 2019-

switch meeting 2On the afternoon of the 5th, JUNON switch held a monthly meeting. The meeting was attended by three vice presidents of the company and leaders of various departments.

The meeting focused on following up on the outcome of last month's issues and discussing several new issues.

switch meeting 3

Every month, the JUNON switch will hold regular monthly meetings, so that departments can raise issues that require cross-departmental assistance, deal with the problems identified more effectively and in a timely manner, and do not make the problems bigger. This practice has been recognized by colleagues in various departments. It also greatly helped the various departments to carry out their work.

switch meeting 1

JUNON switch is people-oriented, faces problems, and handles problems in a timely manner. It is believed that this principle is also one of the reasons why JUNON switch is famous on the electrical industry for 36 years. It hopes that good things can continue to flourish and let JUNON Switch continue to shine!