JUNON Switch Is Officially Return To Work Today!

- Mar 05, 2020-

The long lost "click" of the keyboard, the "click" of the mouse, the "rumble" of the printer, the "rumble" of reading documents, the operation of various machines in the switch and socket workshop, and the high work enthusiasm of the lovely employees make the company present a thriving scene, just like the charming spring. Although the spring breeze is still cold at this time, we can't help but feel excited. We feel that life is full of rhythm again. At the same time, we grow the buds of hope and let the haze of the epidemic disappear gradually.

switch back to work 4 

The leading groups of the JUNON Switch company adhere to the principle of "two hands", one hand for epidemic prevention and control, and the other hand for safety supervision of returning to work. Novel coronavirus pneumonia safety notification is set up in order to ensure the health of employees and ensure the health of the new crown. Every employee is required to take temperature and register traffic information before entering the office area, urge them to wash their hands frequently, attach importance to the disinfection of articles, increase air circulation, improve the indoor environment, and kill at least twice a day in the office area. During the working time, they must wear masks and take online meetings. This is an important guarantee measure in the epidemic prevention and control stage.

switch back to work 2

Relevant departments worked hard to measure the temperature of employees, disinfect the office area, set up health cards for employees, and issue personal protective equipment, etc., so that there was investigation before returning to work, there was order during returning to work, and there were measures after returning to work, resolutely implemented the government's epidemic prevention and control requirements, and steadily and orderly promoted the company's return to work.

switch back to work 3


Spring is not only a beautiful season, but also a season full of vitality and hope. We JUNON Switch firmly believe that there is no winter that can't be surmounted, no spring that won't come. At such a critical moment, let's work together to win the final victory of this epidemic resistance war! JUNON Switch is back to work, you may place the orders of switches and sockets as before my friends!