JUNON Switch Is Honored To Win Awards At China Home Furnishing Industry Innovation Summit

- Dec 02, 2019-

On the afternoon of November 27, the sun is shining and JUNON switch company were invited by Tencent home (Youju) to attend the fourth China home furnishing industry innovation summit, and won the "influential brand" award of China home furnishing enterprises in 2019.

switch honor 2 

At the beginning of the meeting, Cai Yue, CEO of Youju, analyzed the importance of IP selection through big data. The drainage effect of IP in different fields is not harmful to brand, while the key point of developing new marketing policy is to correctly drain and harvest channels. It is the development trend of new era to coordinate brand and traffic.

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Among them, Chen Yang, Tencent's advertising marketing service manager, also said that because of the differences in concerns of different age groups, there are many misunderstandings, so accurate delivery of traffic is crucial. We can more accurately determine the orientation of home users through material optimization, and find the target population through data, which is an effective marketing approach.


Then came the awarding ceremony, where major enterprises rewarded their contributions to the home furnishing industry, and JUNON switches and sockets was honored to win the "influential brand" award of China's home furnishing enterprises in 2019.


In 2018, JUNON LJ series of rimless switches and sockets came out, and many users who have supported JUNON switch for many years expressed their joy. The emergence of LJ series has innovated the public's definition of traditional switches and sockets, and the popular groups are gradually changing, which shows the great influence of JUNON brand.

In addition to the switches and sockets, the distribution box and the multimedia box have also made new progress. As for the V8 + distribution box and the V20 multimedia box, they are not only loved by domestic users, but also deeply affirmed by foreign friends on the quality of the JUNON distribution box. No matter the appearance or the practical degree is praised by the public, it can be seen that the influence of JUNON is not limited to one area.

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JUNON, as a brand enterprise with a history of 36 years, the influence accumulated over the years is also obvious to all. Thanks to Tencent home furnishing awards, and thanks to users who have supported the brand for many years. Because of your trust and support, we will continue to work hard to keep our strength and scale up.