JUNON Switch In Training On Services Trade And Outsourcing Policy 2019

- Sep 21, 2019-

switch outsourcing policy 1In order to allow Leiliu Town’s enterprises to deepen their understanding of service trade and service outsourcing policies and enjoy relevant policies, Leiliu street hole the related training on the afternoon of 20th Sept.

The attendees including: Leiliu General Chamber of Commerce, Leiliu Youth Entrepreneurs Association, District Home Hardware Association, District Lighting Electrotechnical Association Enterprise Representative, JUNON Switch is one member of them, so we attended this traning.

switch outsourcing policy 2

The training was as follows:

1. Developments in trade in services and outsourcing of services

2. Up-to-date policies on trade in services and outsourcing and associated policies

3. Policy application of trade in services and outsourcing of services

4. Ministry of Commerce system operation demonstration

switch outsourcing policy 3

Through this training, JUNON Switch have a good news, can enjoy the state to give the relevant policy support, can declare a certain amount of government subsidies, to help us share some of the costs, thanks to the government!